【hololive】The ending of the Dragon Quest series has been released, and Pekora rejoices!


The distribution guidelines for the Dragon Quest series have been changed.
This means that the Dragon Quest series can now be distributed up to the ending section.
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配信ガイドライン | ドラクエ・パラダイス(ドラパラ)ドラゴンクエスト公式サイト | SQUARE ENIX

Pecola Usada, a member of hololive, also responded to this information.
Pecola is currently distributing Dragon Quest 11S, so he can now deliver the complete clear distribution up to the ending part.


Other hololive members include Korone Inugami, who is currently distributing Dragon Quest 3, Noel Shirogane, who is distributing Dragon Quest 11S, and Luna Himemori, who is distributing Dragon Quest 5.
The hololive community is getting excited about Dragon Quest.

Whether you’ve never played Dragon Quest before or want to look back on the Dragon Quest of old, join the girls on their adventures.