Nijisanji April Fools’ Day Summary (1)

Icon change. Where are the horns? Touko Kenmochi is back! ...

【hololive】Oozora Subaru style neck and back breaker!

【hololive】Oozora Subaru style neck and back breaker! Pro wrestler Great-O-Kahn scored an Oozora Subaru style neck and back breaker in a match!
Inui Toco

【nijisanji】Tremble at the singing of Inui Toco!

Toco Inui released a new song video. Be intoxicated by her beautiful voice!

【hololive】The ending of the Dragon Quest series has been released, and Pekora rejoices!

The distribution guidelines for Dragon Quest have been changed. This will make the distribution of hololive, which is currently distributing a lot of Dragon Quest, even more exciting.

【AniMare】Inaba Haneru’s “C no Karakasai”: A Gathering of Top manga artists

Inaba Haneru of Animare's popular project "V no Karakasai".This is a project that usually gathers popular Vtu...

【Nijisanji】Nijisanji JAPAN TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow! Tokyo Revenge Performance” will be broadcasted on TV? Are you serious?

The "Nijisanji Japan Tour 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!≪Tokyo Revenge Performance" will be broadcast exclusively on ...

【hololive】Hololive’s goods giveaway “Holomart Campaign vol.2” starts at FamilyMart on 3/23!

A campaign to get hololive goods will start at FamilyMart stores nationwide.

Kazaki Morinaka and TRiNITY to perform the ED theme for the anime “Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkarion Z”!

Takamiya Rion, Hakase Fuyuki, and furen E. Lustario, the trio unit "TRiNITY", and Kazaki Morinaka will be writing...
Mito Tsukino

Mito Tsukino’s essay book is now in print!

It seems that Mito Tsukino's essay book has been reprinted. English translation of Twitter. I heard that th...

Nijisanji Ark Recommended clipping video.

Nijisanji Ark's videos are long anyway.To get a sense of what's going on, I recommend checking out the clipped videos. ...